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Our bulletin 'Winds of Freedom' is the alarm bell that will inform of any favorable or adverse event to your internationalization plans.
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A newsletter that will inform you about what can affect your financial life, health and freedom.

The first two steps to becoming prosperous and financially independent are getting out of debt and "living" offshore.

The first two steps to offshoring yourself are to educate yourself about the strategies and options available to you and to be informed.

While My CBS is your source of education, ideas and actionable plans, its bulletin, Winds of Freedom, is your source of information. It is the alarm that will alert you of any threat that may affect your plans, your freedom and your ability to move as you wish.

But that's only part of its value. It will also alert you to new opportunities when they open up. With years of experience in the investment and offshore world, we provide you with expert, first-hand information and practical approaches that you can put into action.

My CBS' Winds of Freedom is a publication that comes straight from the desk of international entrepreneur Victor Tapia and his colleagues. Since 2002, Victor and his team have been providing comprehensive, first-hand information on how one can live, invest and diversify around the world.

The good news is that you don't have to be a millionaire to embrace the idea of banking, doing business or investing abroad. So, if you value your freedom and privacy and are looking for new opportunities for you and your loved ones, then just take a look at what lies beyond your fence.

If you want to take the first steps towards a new life, look no further: read (or listen to) the material we publish and subscribe to Winds of Freedom. As there are different levels in this way of doing things, only you will know what makes sense for your circumstances and what is within your comfort zone and possibilities.

And don't worry: nothing you'll read in our Bulletin involves illegalities or shady dealings. But, if you follow us, you will discover how to protect yourself and your assets from government expropriation, devaluation of your money, currency controls, tax hikes, lawsuits and nationalizations. You will learn how, why and where you can safely and legally bank and invest internationally, again, without needing to be a millionaire yet.

For a special group of men and women, "living offshore" is a state of mind, a lifestyle they have chosen to live, a place for enjoying life, and also to protect their assets. Of course, it's also a place to build real and lasting family wealth. Want to learn about this, be alert and informed? Subscribe now.

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Rosa Luxemburg — revolutionary socialist, Marxist philosopher and anti-war activist

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Brief message from Víctor Tapia:

The world has become unrecognizable and unpredictable. Most governments have been effective only in incurring debt and collecting taxes. The ONE's socialist world government is knocking on the door. There appears to be no room for personal growth and success.

But, if history teaches us anything, it's that there have always been people who have weathered the storms and found a safe haven for themselves, their families, and their assets.

If you are one of the people described above, do not negotiate your God-given rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. I am among those people.

Welcome to the information.

Víctor Tapia

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Cheers to your freedom!

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My CBS is Victor Tapia's intelligence service. It provides you with analysis and information to improve your ability to make practical decisions in the economic, investment and offshore world.

This service will assist you in breaking free from debt slavery, creating economic wealth, achieving individual and financial freedom, protecting your assets from the manipulations of the political-financial system in which we live, and achieving the fullness of vigorous health.

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  1. ^   Rosa was of clear vision: she warned about the danger of a one-party dictatorship, so common in the communist regimes that were installed after her assassination. She also foresaw that "Capitalism will collapse in a great bankruptcy."

    This last statement is sui generis in communist thought. In Marx's work, words like "liquidity pressure" or "over-indebtedness" do not appear, not even in footnotes. Marx expected a kind of social collapse that would be taken advantage of by the masses to seize power, without understanding the capitalist cycles that make it sink when credit is abused.

    From a series of Rosa's writings from 1898, Eduard Bernstein makes a brief compendium:

    "About credit Miss Luxemburg states that far from acting against the crisis, it is precisely the means to aggravate it to the maximum.

    "Credit makes possible the excessive extension of capitalist production, accelerates the exchange of commodities, the circle of the productive process and is, in this way, the most effective means to provoke the quickest possible outbreak of the contradiction between production and consumption.

    "Credit places in the hands of the capitalists the disposal of other people's capital and thus the instrument for reckless speculation. If stagnation occurs, the crisis is aggravated by its contraction. Its function is to banish the rest of stability from all capitalist relations and to make all capitalist capacities ductile, relative and susceptible to be affected to the maximum.

    It is worth noting that when Rosa Luxemburg formulated her theory there was not the slightest trace of credit excess or massive credit crisis.

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