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Frequently asked questions  Ícono de idioma español

This page shows the general questions most frequently asked by readers and not the particular questions of the cases they ask me, which I handle privately.

To make your inquiries, please use the contact form and do not forget to include, in the following order: your country of birth, your nationality, and your country of residence since the answer to your question or concern may vary depending on these data. Likewise, the more information you can provide me with, the better I will be able to give you an accurate answer.

To make an appointment with me, either by voice or video-call, please use the contact form mentioned above.


How do I receive the latest information you publish about Bitcoin?

Contacting me

How do I contact the My CBS team to ask a question?

General questions

Hello! Where can I get information about the real causes of inflation in countries like Venezuela or Argentina?

Intensive Course on the Offshore World

How do I enroll in your offshore course?

'Winds of Freedom' Bulletin

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

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