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Hi, I'm Victor Tapia, and My CBS is my website. In it, I offer you an insider information and intelligence service that gives you practical ways to achieve personal and financial freedom, physical fulfillment, freedom from debt slavery, the creation of economic wealth, and the protection of the same from the political-financial system we live in.

Reading my Flagship Bulletin, Winds of Freedom, will integrate you into the group of individuals who defend what they received from God at birth: the right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of their own happiness. These are those who defend the pursuit of opportunities and the right to arrange their affairs in the most convenient way for them and their families, not necessarily under the wings of the country where they were born.

You will soon see that a battle is taking place on three fronts: in the field of ideas (which are not discussed in the mass media), in the field of information (where easy access to the real facts is also denied to you) and in the field of winning strategies (where, again, many feel alone).

That is why you will find that Winds of Freedom provides you with a completely different reading material, for its function is to make you think, to help you take an intelligent position, and move you to act.

My "war reports," so to speak, come directly from the battlefield of information and will help you take a course of action by understanding what is happening in the world and how to best position yourself to achieve victory.

I invite you, then, to step forward and breathe Winds of Freedom!

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